Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. The dove on the flag is symbolic of that nation’s peaceful history. (…)

1) stands for; 2) derives; 3) illuminates; 4) negates; 5) ignores.

#2. There is reason to think that if employers were to make the first move, the workers’ union would be prepared to meet them half way. (…) 1) to make arrangements; 2) to lose temper; 3) to cover some distance; 4) to make a compromise; 5) produce an impression of aggression.

#3. Steve was fed up with doing the donkey work while his colleagues were given interesting jobs. (…)

1) challenging tasks; 2) boring, monotonous work; 3) light and pleasing job; 4) funny things; 5) hard work.

#4. You shouldn’t have eaten so much. It stands to reason you feel sick now. Serves you right!. (…)

1) It is illogical; 2) Common sense tells; 3) It’s nonsense; 4) It is logical; 5) It’s likely.

#5. This job you’ve done so carelessly leaves much to be desired. (…)

l)is desirable; 2) is hopeful; 3) is unsatisfactory; 4) is worth praise; 5) is likely.

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