Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. This new job is a golden opportunity and far too good to be turned down. (…)

1) a leading motive to take into account; 2) an accepted standard to be taken; 3) a smooth way to undertake; 4) the best chance not to be missed; 5) a suitable standard to start from.

#2. Day and night, a continuous stream of fans arrived at the star’s home. (…)

1) constant; 2) sophisticated; 3) mournful; 4) sufficient; 5) long-standing.

#3. The feelings of guilt lav heavily on him. (…)

1) put a heavy load on him; 2) embarrassed him; 3) entertained him; told a lie to him; 5) made him feel unhappy.

#4. Lucy never goes out of her house without first making up her face. (…)

1) doing her duties about the house; 2) drawing a picture; 3) playing her part; 4) applying cosmetics to; 5) inventing a story.

#5. Don’t rely much on Nick’s help. He usually knows which side his bread is buttered so he won’t risk in this situation. (…)

1) serves two masters; 2) gets to know many things; 3) sides with his friends; 4) sees what is to be done; 5) knows his own advantage.

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