Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. It is common knowledge that many documents, such as wills and birth or marriage certificates, must be witnessed. (…)

1) works of art; 2) legal records; 3) ceremonies; 4) important decisions; 5) references.

#2. Reading between the lines, I get the impression that he is not very happy in his new marriage. (…)

1) Guessing the essence from details; 2) Making up a story; 3) Completing the picture; 4) Taking notice of his words; 5) Reading the text silently.

#3. Pat is such a big head, he thinks he is the best at everything (…)

1) a skilful and happy person; 2) an interesting person; 3) a knowledgeable person; 4) an over-confident person; 5) an efficient and quick man.

#4. Peter has been on leave from work for the past two weeks and a half-and now he is back. (…)

1) out; 2) away; 3) at leisure; 4) on holiday; 5) in business.

#5. 1 was going to say something about what had been between me and Mrs. Reed, but on second thoughts I considered it better to remain silent. (…)

1) on the face of it; 2) at sight; 3) after careful consideration; 4) at a glance; 5) making up my mind.

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