Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. His father’s business expanded tremendously — from a small grocery store twenty-five years ago to a huge chain of supermarkets today. (…)

1) migrated; 2) expired; 3) grew; 4) conveyed; 5) supplemented.

#2. Until his latest novel brought him international fame and popularity thai talented writer lived from hand to mouth. (…)

1) followed his particular career; 2) served the others; 3) earned quite enough; 4) was kept busy all the time; 5) earned barely enough to live on.

#3. We discussed the issue which lies at the heart of the conflict. (…)

1) lies heart to heart; 2) in the middle part; 3) is in good heart; 4) is the most important part; 5) is the beginning.

#4. Let’s go through the plan once again to make sure it’s all clear and right. (…)

1) see; 2) advance; 3) progress; 4) check; 5) endure.

#5. Old Mrs. Sandford lived on her modest pension but even so she managed to put something by for a rainy day. (…)

1) put in; 2) put by; 3) gain advantage; 4) save for future times of need; 5) go out in rainy weather.

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