Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Do you get on well with your colleagues at the office? (…)

l)Do you come to terms; 2) Are you on good terms; 3) Do you deal; 4) Do you understand; 5) Do you help.

#2. Jane is such a big mouth. I’d never talk to her about my problems.(…)

1) a cry-baby; 2) an easy-going person; 3) a good eater; 4) an over-talkative person; 5) a liar.

#3. The Wild West is usually pictured as a lawless place where bandits roamed at will. (…)

1) without comforts; 2) without regulations; 3) law-abiding; 4) knowing all the laws; 5) conducting lawful policy.

#4. As far as I know you are not scared of spiders, are you? (…)

1) thrilled; 2) frightened; 3) afraid; 4) terrifying; 5) thrilling.

#5. Harold preferred to keep his colleagues in the dark about his plans for future. (…)

1) to keep his plans behind closed doors; 2) to try to keep his plans secret; 3) not to switch on the light; 4) not to turn on the light; 5) to slow down his plans.

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