Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. We wouldn’t like to speak off hand on such a complicated and essential subject. (…)

1) to dwell in detail on; 2) to stop at; 3) give a reply to; 4) to deal without special preparation with; 5) to beat about the bush on.

#2. Could you give me a hand with this exercise in translation? (…)

1) Please, give me your hand with; 2) Would you help me to do; 3)Let me do by myself; 4) Please, do for me; 5) Would you translate instead of me?.

#3. Val is too fond of hanging about at street corners. (…)

1) showing pictures; 2) gathering together; 3) helping; 4) standing idle, doing nothing; 5) walking about the town.

#4. When you set off for the airport double check that you have everything -tickets, passports, visas, etc. (…)

1) phone twice; 2) Support doubly; 3) look after; 4) make sure very attentively; 5) get ready properly.

#5. Do not expect him to help you at the moment, he has his hands full already

1) has nothing to do; 2) is idle; 3) is very busy; 4) has heavy bags; 5) packs suitcases.

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