Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. It was awful when Andrew and Henry argued tooth and nail over such trifles for most of the evening. (…)

1) easily; 2) sorrowfully; 3) fiercely; 4) heartily; 5) eagerly with all heart and soul.

#2. To carry out this plan would require increasing the company staff by 50%. (…)

l)to fulfil; 2) to fetch; 3)to bring in the open air; 4) to commit; 5) to bear.

#3. Servicemen found guilty of desertion of duty are tried by the court martial. (…)

1) are viewed; 2) are considered; 3) are tasted; 4) are defended; 5) are tested and judged.

#4. We are going to the theatre tonight, Mary. I’ll call for you at seven. (…)

1) give you a ring; 2) come by; 3) come to your place to fetch you; 4) tell you the news; 5) break the news.

#5. We had lost touch with Jack and the one day he arrived at our place right out of the blue. (…)

1) by degrees; 2) by leaps and bounds; 3) suddenly and unexpectedly; 4) in fits and starts; 5) from the very start.

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