Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову,

#1. We can’t teach him anything because he already knows his subject inside out. (…)

1) detailed; 2) from cover to cover; 3) from .top to toe; 4) in great detail; 5) upside-down.

#2. I couldn’t give you the answer off hand, for, to be exact, I’ll have to look something up in the encyclopedia. (…)

1) off the record; 2) on the spot; 3) as it is; 4) by chance; 5) by mistake.

#3.1 am sure in every family there is a skeleton in the cupboard. (…)

1) announcement; 2) secret; 3) surprise; 4) pleasure; 5) resemblance.

#4. Having worked for the firm for years Henry knew all the ins and outs of company policy and could predict any possible changes. (…)

1) was unaware of some facts; 2) was conscious of some facts; 3) was ignorant; 4) realized all the ways and means; 5) was not in the know of all sides.

#5. When Nancy got a bad mark she didn’t turn a hair. I-wish she didn’t take things so easy. (…)

l)paid no attention; 2) didn’t worry; 3) showed carelessness; 4) took it to heart; 5) took caution to it.

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