Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. The political situation was so complicated that some politicians were completely at a loss. (…)

1) were depressed: 2) were surprised; 3) were relaxed; 4) did not know the way out; 5) realized what to do.

#2. Let’s be on the safe side and put up at the nearest hotel for the night. (…) l)take risks; 2) take no risks; 3) take a seat; 4) take a lodging;

5) take a vote.

#3. It was cold and rainy, and to make matters worse, we were already two hours late. (…)

1) to do seriously; 2) to get a move; 3) to take care of things; 4)to have a bad start; 5) to make a bad situation even graver.

#4. We can’t teach him anything because he already knows his subject inside out. (…)

1) detailed; 2) from cover to cover; 3) from top to toe; 4) in great detail; 5) upside-down.

#5. Wouldn’t you like to do someone a good turn if you had a chance?. (…)

l)make a favour; 2) do a favour; 3) be interested; 4) offer resistance; 5) maintain.

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