Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Jack is so helpless. He can’t look after himself. He relies entirely on mother. (…)

1) loves dearly; 2) cares for; 3) depends on; 4) keeps safe; 5) pays attention to.

#2. The tourists saw a range of mountains in the distance and all the mountain tops were covered with perpetual ice. (…)

1) unbroken; 2) uninterrupted; 3) freezing; 4) permanent; 5) long-living.

#3. His conviction for theft ten years ago proved the skeleton in the cupboard which cost him his job. (…)

1) an unpleasant news; 2) confidential information; 3) a good idea; 4) a funny story; 5) a hidden unpleasant secret.

#4. We are not used to eating so late at night. (…)

1) It’s our favourite habit to eat; 2) We are riot accustomed to eating; 3) It’s our past habit to eat; 4) For us eating is usual; 5) It was customary for us to eat.

#5. For a moment Donald did not know what to do. Then he pulled himself together and got down to work. (…)

1) pulled his legs; 2) had a rest; 3) held himself in check; 4) laughed cheerfully; 5) wasn’t under control.

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