Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. It goes without saving that if you work hard you are sure to pass this exam. (…)

1) It’s illogical; 2) It stands to reason; 3) It’s up to the point; 4) It’s time; 5) It’s high time.

#2. When the lesson began, there were a dozen students in the classroom, but by the end of the lesson the number doubled. (…)

1) After the lesson had begun, some students entered the classroom; 2) There were three dozen students in the room by the end of the lesson; 3) There were 24 students in the classroom by the end of the lesson; 4) There were 36 students in the classroom by the end of the lesson; 5) There were only a few students in the classroom and two came later.

#3. Before long things took a turn for the better. (…)

1) Sooner or later; 2) Soon; 3) Of late; 4) Recently; 5) Lately.

#4. Susan is unlikely to pass all her exams. (…)

1) It is doubtful whether Susan will; 2) It is highly likely that . Susan; 3) Susan is bound to; 4) Susan is about to; 5).Susan is next to

#5. Seriously or not I’m all for the truth coming out as soon as possible. (…)

1) strongly against; 2) strongly in favour of; 3) indifferent about; 4) depressed about; 5) surprised at.

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