Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Whether TV is a good thing or not is a matter of opinion; it has both pros and cons. .(…)

1) under discussion; 2) a mistake; 3) a one-sided argument; 4) an issue for discussion; 5) a matter of fact.

#2. I would rather listen to Mozart than rock music. (…)

1) I like listening to Mozart and rock music; 2) I prefer music to rock climbing; 3) I prefer Mozart’s music to rock music; 4) I don’t like Mozart as much as I like rock music; 5) I like Mozart, but not so much as rock music.

#3. The boy didn’t feel quite at home in such a splendid house with so many strangers in it. (…)

1) wasn’t at home; 2) was out; 3) wanted to leave home; 4) wasn’t at ease; 5) wanted to come home.

#4. Most people would rather take up a sport that involves little or no risk at all. (…)

1) be fond of; 2) go in for; 3) dislike; 4) hate; 5) refuse.

#5. «Are you doing any business?» — «Very little. It’s hardly enough to keep body and soul together. (…)

l)to make a decent living; 2) to keep a good house; 3) to go abroad; 4) to keep fit; 5) to be in good shape.

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