Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. After long hesitation Victor was on the point of entering the house when he heard someone calling his name. (…)

1) didn’t want to enter; 2) was about to enter; 3) was eager to enter; 4) was against entering; 5) was tired of entering.

#2. If you want a good and cheap air ticket you must book it well in advance (…)

1) reserve; 2) make a flight reservation; 3) recover soon; 4) sustain; 5) make a reservation.

#3. As far as I know Harry left but an hour ago. (…)

1) even; 2) even though; 3) moreover; 4) almost; 5) only.

#4. Even though they knew each other by sight they never exchanged a word. (…)

l)by chance; 2) through friends; 3) personally; 4) visually only; 5) on good terms.

#5.The girl was smiling and humming softly a tune, it was evident she was in high spirits (…)

1) in actual fact; 2) out of usual sorts; 3) cheerful, in a good mood; 4) moody; 5) out of her element.

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