Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Не abruptly asked me how much I earned and I told him to mind his own business. (…)

1) to poke his nose; 2) not to interfere into my affairs; 3) to make much noise; 4) to fuss a lot; 5) to make objections to my affairs.

#2. Many people are deeply interested in watching wildlife. (…)

1) plants out of town; 2) animals running wild; 3) domestic animals; 4) wilderness; 5) plants, birds and animals.

#3. John is a real night owl. He rarely goes to bed before dawn. (…)

1) a person who looks tired; 2) a person who stays up late; 3) a person who likes owls; 4) a person who likes to watch TV; 5) a person who goes to bed early.

#4. Oh, stop it, darling. There’s nothing to cry about, just pull yourself together. (…)

1) go on crying; 2) take it easy; 3) get control of yourself; 4) put it right; 5) do it yourself.

#5. For months Thomas had sought some chance in vain until suddenly, out of the blue, an opportunity presented itself. (…)

1) out of sorts; 2) out of reach; 3) from afar; 4) all of a sudden, unexpectedly; 5) shortly.

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