Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1.I took advantage of the situation and told her the truth. (…)

1) treated the situation as bad; 2) made myself at home; 3) used the situation intentionally; 4) paid much attention to the situation; 5) showed satisfaction.

#2. «We’ve missed the train!» — «Never mind, there’ll be another in ten minutes.». (…)

1) Don’t exaggerate; 2) Don’t regret; 3) Don’t be angry; 4) Don’t worry; 5) Cheer up.

#3.I felt ill at ease. He certainly was laughing at me up his sleeve. (…)

1) suddenly; 2) abruptly; 3) eagerly; 4) secretly; 5) willingly.

#4. Oliver looked at him with the blue eyes that seemed to see through people.

1) understand the real nature of; 2) see well; 3) accompany; 4) see off; 5) look at.

#5. As Martin had to earn his living, he could work at his short stories only by Fits and starts, sitting up late. (…)

1) regularly, hurriedly; 2) constantly, at night; 3) irregularly, at night; 4) from time to time, lately; 5) on and off, of late.

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