Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Peter spent the next two weeks moving from place to place, terrified that someone might recognise him(…)

1) astonished; 2) frightened; 3) surprised; 4) troubled; 5) appreciated.

#2. Most young people want to find out more about customs and traditions of different countries. (…)

1) look up; 2) deal with; 3) make out; 4) get to know; 5) set off.

#3. In the capital city he was taken for a foreighner. (…)

2) assumed; 2) liked by; 3) mistaken for; 4) taken after; 5) took place.

#4. As soon as the tiger came in sight, the hunter raised his rifle and fired. (…)

1) disappeared; 2) jumped; 3) turned out; 4) appeared; 5) proved.

#5. You’ve committed a crime. You’ve taken the money that ought to have fed poor and hungry children. Now you have to be punished. It serves you right!. (…)

l)You deserve the punishment; 2) You were treated unkindly; 3) You put it right; 4) You’ve got more than you deserve; 5) You don’t deserve it.

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