Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. It is common knowledge the Bolshoi Ballet company has taken London by the storm.. (…)

1) has come to London in a storm; 2).has landed in London in a storm; 3) has been very successful in London; 4) has been a failure in London; 5) has been stormy and furious in London.

#2.I see you are dying for a cup of coffee. (…)

1) stop living because of; 2) become dead for; 3) stop working to have; 4) want very much to have; 5) are surprised at.

#3. Bob is an experienced taxi driver, so he is accustomed to driving in the busy city centre.(…)

1) is ready to drive; 2) is suitable for driving; 3) is used to driving; 4) used to drive; 5) knows driving customs.

#4. Tina’s heart ached to be where she belonged to. (…)

1) She was kind; 2) She said a kind thing; 3) She was an optimist; 4) She had a heart attack; 5)She missed her home.

#5. Last Sunday my friend and 1 got caught in a storm and got soaked to the skin. (…)

1) were tearful; 2) got soapy; 3) got very wet; 4) became extremely damp; 5) got moist and foggy.,

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