Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1.The debate on environmental protection problems is in progress now. (…)

1) stands to reason; 2) has no sense; 3) is going on; 4) is on the way; 5) is off the way.

#2 No one but Nick knew the answer to the question. (…)

1) The question could not be answered by anyone; 2) Everyone knew fairly well how to answer the question.; 3) Nick was the only one who couldn’t answer the question.; 4) Nick was the only one who was able to answer the question.; 5) No one could answer the question.

#3. That noise in the yard gets on my nerves, (…)

1) distracts me; 2) worries and irritates me; 3) attracts me; 4) appeals to me; 5) terrifies me.

#4. The teacher could not put up with Jack’s bad behaviour in the classroom (…)

1) regard; 2) tolerate; 3) respect; 4) withstand; 5) disregard.

#5. I feel that if anything went wrong. Dad would blame me for not looking after you better. (…)

1) set off; 2) failed; 3) came to; 4) went without a hitch; 5) went smoothly.

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