Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Inventing a new product requires a creative mentality that allows a person to approach a situation or problem with a new perspective. (…)

1) heritage; 2) college education; 3) equality; 4) way of thinking; 5) breeding.

#2. The book cost 3.65 USD and he had only 2.40 USD. (…)

1) He had more than enough money to pay for the book; 2) The book cost more than he had on him; 3)He had just enough money to pay for the book; 4) He needed two more dollars to pay for the book; 5) He could have borrowed some money to pay for the book.

#3. David was behaving in a strange fashion. (…)

1) vogue; 2) model; 3) way or manner; 4) cut; 5) design.

#4. Dan took no notice of the warning and entered the building. (…)

1) preferred not to ignore; 2) attracted no attention; 3) drew no attention; 4) paid no attention to; 5) did not ignore.

#5. Anyway, we are now in the same boat together, to sink or swim. (…) 1) in suitable conditions; 2) in similar circumstances; 3) above board; 4) overboard; 5) on the deck. ‘ ‘

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