Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1, Whatever you say my opinion is that this problem is a hard nut to crack. (…)

1) a piece of cake; 2) easy when you come to think of it; 3) not so difficult as you picture it; 4) difficult to solve or deal with; 5) a mere trifle.

#2. The murderer will answer for all his crimes in the highest court of the land. (…)

1) reply back; 2) give a response; 3) be told severely; 4) be punished as a result of; 5) retort or tell.

#3. Kate is an excellent mountain climber because she can adapt to many different situations. (…)

1) drop out of; 2) run away from; 3) adjust to; 4) keep to; 5) keep out of.

#4. Are you aware of the danger of this situation? (…)

1) comprehend; 2) conscious of; 3) knowledgeable; 4) knowing; 5) assess.

#5. Nancy said that she was awfully pressed for money, she was desperate for it.(…)

1) was pushed firmly; 2) put on weight; 3) took hold of; 4) was short of; 5) urged strongly.

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