Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#l.The money we collected for famine and flood victims is just a drop in the ocean. (…)

l)a small number; 2) an insignificant amount; 3) a council tax; 4) an irrelevant charge; 5) a small change.

#2. Everyone noticed at once that Ted’s version of the story slightly differed from Mark’s telling it. (…)

1) advertising; 2) account; 3) setting; 4) decision; 5) newsletter.

#3. Fred did not intend to break the news that evening and was filled with regret that he had done so. (…)

1) print information; 2) quickly learn the news; 3)tell, make known the news; 4) advertise the news publicly; 5) appoint anew.

#4. There’s no point in discussing this problem any further if you don’t want to help us. (…)

l)a sharp end; 2) no secret; 3) no sense; 4) pointless; 5) off the point.

#5. Henry sensed at once that she had something on her mind for a long time and wanted to talk the matter over with him.

l)had decided; 2) was worried; 3) had a brain wave; 4) was relieved; 5) was recovered.

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