Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1. The great noise lasted for some minutes, during which Miss Miller repeatedly exclaimed: «Silence!» or «Order!» When it was quiet again, she walked from class to class. A distant bell rang. The girls marched into another room to breakfast.

2. How happy I was at the prospect of having something to eat! The dining-room was a great gloomy room. On two long tables there smoked basins of something hot, which sent off a bad odour. The girls whispered : «Disgusting! The porridge is burnt again!»

3. I ate a spoonful or two of my portion without thinking of its taste, but burnt porridge is almost as bad as rotten potatoes. The spoons moved slowly. Breakfast was over, and none had breakfast.

4. We left the dining-room and went to the school-room. A clock in it struck nine. Miss Miller cried: «Silence! To your seats!» The monitor of the first class was sent to fetch the globes. While the direction was being carried out, we sat silent.

5. Having taken her seat before a pair of globes placed on one of the tables, Miss Temple, the superintendent of Lowood school, commenced giving a lesson in geography. The lower classes were called by the teachers; they were having repetitions in history, grammar, writing and arithmetic while music lessons were being given to some of the elder girls.

6. The length of each lesson was measured by the clock, which at last struck twelve. Then Miss Temple rose:» I have a word to address to the pupils,» she said.

7. «You had this morning a breakfast which you could not eat; you must be hungry. I have ordered that a lunch of bread and cheese should be served to all.»

8. The teachers looked at her with surprise. «It is being done on my responsibility,» she added and left the room. Meantime the bread and cheese was brought and distributed to the delight of the whole school.

9. Then we were ordered to go into the garden. The stronger among the girls ran about and played games, but many pale and thin ones gathered together for shelter and warmth in the verandah; and among these, I heard frequently the sound of a cough.

10. My first quarter at Lowood seemed an age, and not the golden age either. Our only consolation came at tea-time, in the shape of a double ration of bread and a little butter on it.

#1.(…) Did the morning meal smell nice and appetizing?

#2. (…) What was the greatest pleasure for all the girls at this school?

#3. (…) Miss Temple was afraid to take any responsibility herself, wasn’t she?

#4. (….) Were all the girls healthy and strong to play in the open air or not?

#5. (…) How was the time of each lesson defined?

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