Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) Joseph Turner lived in the 19th century. Even at that time he was very famous painter. His paintings were a tremendous success with the public.

2) He was very fond of dogs. One day his dog which he loved dearly broke a leg.

3) The artist was truly sorry for the dog and wanted to have it to be well again as soon as possible. He was rich enough to send for the best surgeon in London instead of taking a plain veterinary.

4) The surgeon arrived very soon and asked the famous painter what the matter was and how he could help him in any way.

5) Joseph Turner realized that the famous surgeon might get deeply offended if he learned that his patient was a dog. So he decided to praise him highly at first.

6) He told the surgeon that he was a really great and well-known doctor. He begged the surgeon to help his dog because it was very important to him.

7) As a matter of fact, the surgeon felt annoyed but he didn’t show it. He treated the dog carefully and soon it was quite well again.

8) The next week the surgeon asked Turner to come urgently to his house. The artist believed that he wanted to see him in connection with the dog.

9) The great Joseph Turner arrived as soon as possible at the appointed time and was shown into the sitting-room.

10) The surgeon met him very warmly and heartily said: «Mr.Turner, I am so glad you were able to come. My front door needs painting. I know you are too great a painter for this kind of work, but I beg you to do іt immediately. It is so important for me.»

#1.(…) What happened to Joseph Turner’s pet one day?

#2. (…) The high quality surgeon was very pleased to be able to treat such an unusual patient for him, wasn’t he?

#3. (…) Did the surgeon invite the artist to dinner or to do an important and urgent job for him?

#4. (…) Could the artist afford to send for the most celebrated doctor in London? #5. (,..) Turner is a well-known painter of the last century, isn’t he?

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