Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) A rich American went to Paris and bought a picture by a modern artist. He had paid a lot of money for the picture, therefore he thought the picture was very, or even exceptionally, good, as it was so expensive.

2) The American came to the hotel in the heart of the city where he was staying and wanted to hang the picture on the wall. But to his enormous surprise he could not tell what was the top and what was the bottom.

3) So he thought of a very clever plan to get to know how to hang the picture properly. He hung the picture in the dining-room and invited the artist to dinner.

4) When the artist came, the American did not tell him anything about the picture. Dinner began and the two had a pleasant conversation about delightful Paris sights over it. But when they began to eat their soup, the artist looked at his picture many times but didn’t say anything.

5) When they began to eat their fish he put on his glasses and looked at his picture again, this time very attentively.

6) When the fruit was served the artist couldn’t help getting up to approach the picture and to look at it more closely.

7) When they began to drink their coffee, the artist finally told the American that he was awfully sorry to say it but this picture of his was definitely upside down.

8 ) The American was sincerely surprised and wondered to the utmost the artist hadn’t told him the bitter truth at once.

9) To his utter astonishment the artist truthfully admitted that he himself had not been sure about it at first.

10) So the rich American being very practical and wise left the picture on the wall as it was. He was absolutely sure that nobody would notice that it was upside down.

#1.(..) Was the picture extremely cheap or costly?

#2. (..) Why was the rich American confident that it was next to impossible to notice the mistake?

#3. (…) Did the rich man invite the artist to an expensive restaurant or to his hotel dining-room?

#4. (…) What did the sincere artist have to admit in the end of their dinner?

#5. (…) Did the American’s scheme to tell the top from the bottom of this modern picture work out at the very first moment?

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