Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) When Haydn was about 18 years old he sang in a chorus. But soon his voice broke and he lost his place as a chorister.

2) He began playing the violin in the streets of Vienna. Sometimes at dances he played his own music.

3) Once a well-known clown, Bernardone Kurtz by name, invited Haydn to his room and gave him some verses and asked to write an opera. Haydn was afraid.

4) «I have never written such music», he said «but I’ll try.» He began working and everything went well till he came to a place where there was a storm at sea.

5) «How can I put a storm at sea into music, when I have never seen the sea?» said Haydn.

6) He went to Kurtz, but the clown could not help him, as he had never seen the sea himself.

7) At last Haydn lost his temper, crashed his hands upon the piano and cried out «Dash the storm!»

8 ) «That’s it! That’s it!» cried Kurtz jumping up of his chair. «Go on like that!»

9) Many years have passed since Haydn’s name became famous all over the world.

10) He has written wonderful music to many operas but he could not forget the storm in his first opera. He always laughed when he thought of it.

#1.(…) Why did he lose his place as a chorister?

#2. (…) Whose music did he play in the streets and at dancing parties from time to time?.

#3. (…)What did Kurtz cry out when Haydn crashed his hands upon the piano?

#4. (…) What couldn’t Haydn put into music?

#5. (…) what was Bernardone Kurtz by profession? .

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