Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) Titles based on social class are not used in the USA.

2) Some titles based on occupation, such as Ambassador, Governor, Father, and Rabbi are used.

3) Occupations usually carrying titles are: diplomats, clergy, judges military officer, medical and academic doctors, and government officials.

4) Individuals in other occupations are usually referred to with Mr. (mister) and Ms. (pronounced «mizz») followed by the last family name. You will hear the older titles Miss for unmarried women, but most professional women prefer Ms.

5) Many Americans, however, do no ‘want to use titles and family names in conversation.

6) Even if someone is introduced to you with a title, don’t be surprised if they tell you to call them by their first name.

7) If you insist on calling individuals by their titles they have asked you not to, you will be perceived as being more formal than necessary.

8 ) However, young people are often expected to call older people, such as the parents of their friends, by their last name preceeded by Mr, Ms, Miss, or Mrs, or a title.

9) This is the polite form of address in this situation, and you should follow it if you are younger than the person to whom you are talking.

10) If they want to call them by their first name, they will say so. Otherwise, if you use their first name, they may think you are being impolite.

#1.(…) What titles are based on occupation?

#2. (…) How do many Americans like to be addressed to?

#3. (…) What title do most professional women prefer to refer to?

#4. (…) What is the way young people call older ones?

#5. (…) When is it not necessary to use a title addressing people and why?

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