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l)The Scottish capital can be divided into two distinct parts — Old Town and New Town. It is advisable that tourists should start their walk in the New Town, giving them the best view of the Old Town with its majestic castle on the craggy rock and then taking them into the ancient districts.

2) At the end of the Royal Mile, one of the most famous and historic streets in the world, stands the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Her Majesty the Queen’s official residence in Scotland.

3) From 1561 to 1568 it was the home of Mary Queen of Scots and during 1745 it was occupied by Prince Charles Edward Stuart, Bonnie Prince Charlie.

4) According to the legend, the Abbey at Holyrood was founded by King David I in 1128, who witnessed a cross, or «rood» on the site, appearing suddenly between the antlers of an attacking stag (deer).

5) Over many of the most violent and restless centuries Scotland has known, Holyrood developed into a palace, a powerful symbol of the Church and the Monarchy.

6) Set still against the magnificent Arthur’s Seat, the remnant of the former hunting grounds, the Palace continues to be a favourite royal residence.

7) Today tourists can visit the Royal Apartments, an extensive row of ancient and noble rooms like the Throne Room, the Morning Drawing Room and the Picture Gallery with almost 90 seventeenth century portraits of Scottish monarchs.

8 ) The historic tower apartments of Mary Queen of Scots, filled with intrigue and sorrow, are where she lived following her return from France in 1561.

9) These personal, intimate apartments witnessed the dark murder of David Rizzio, her favourite secretary, by a group led by her jealous husband, Lord Darnley.

10) As you can see, Holyrood is a house of many memories. Wars and murders have been plotted here, dancing has lasted deep into the night, but the stone palace has outlived these changes and events. Taken through its rooms of different ages and styles, visitors can gain a better understanding оf the past and present use of this Royal palace.

# 1.(…) What is the best point for starting a tourist excursion in Edinburgh?

#2. (…) Does the palace admit any visitors at present or is it only a favourite Royal residence?

#3 (…) Which of the central streets of the Old Town leads to the palace of Holyroodhouse?

#4 What gave this fascinating Royal residence its wonderful name?

#5. Who resided in the tower rooms wrapped in sadness and mystery in the distant past Scotland has known?

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