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1) The area of Kensington and Knightsbridge is an exclusive part of London where you can find many foreign embassies, large glamorous hotels, and the department store that is the symbol of expensive and high class living — Harrods.

2) People say you can buy anything in Harrods, including wild animals — they even have a small zoo which will sell you lion cubs as well as more common pets such as dogs, cats or parrots.

3) Harrods succeeded in supplying one customer with a baby elephant, although it had to be ordered specially!

4) Another attraction here is the Albert Hall, where there is a festival of popular classic music concerts every summer known as «the Proms.» Sporting events such as tennis tournaments and boxing matches are also held there.

5) Three of London’s most interesting museums — the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum — are also in this area. The last, as its name suggests, has exhibits of birds, animals and reptiles as well as life-size reconstructions of pre-historic animals.

6) The Victoria and Albert Museum was founded with the aim of improving design in British manufacturing.

7) Over the years it has expanded to include things from almost every Place and period, including costumes from the theatre and painting.

8 ) Finally there is the Science Museum, which is always crowded and is certainly among the noisiest museums in London.

9) It covers every aspect of science and technology, and the collections are constantly moved around to make more room for new acquisitions.

10)They have inventions that did not become popular, such as the steam bicycle of 1912, and technological like the Cody biplane — the first aircraft to fly in England in 1912. In many of the rooms there are machines and computers that visitors can work on themselves.

#1. (…) Where should you go in London if you want to see, for instance, a dinosaur?

#2. (…) Which British Museum is permanently expanding and changing displays to show new and exciting objects in science and technology?

#3. (…) What store can supply you with all things imaginable?

#4. (…) Why is one of the institutions in this area popular with musicians, sportsmen and fans alike?

#5. (.:.) Which part of West End London is considered to be very extraordinary and why?

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