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1) Cambridge must be one of the best-known towns in the world, and can be found on most tourist lists of places to visit.

2) The principal reason for its fame is its University, which started during the 13» century and grew steadily, until today there are more than twenty colleges.

3) Most colleges allow visitors to enter the grounds and courtyards. The most popular place from which one can view them is from the backs, where the college grounds go down to the River Cam.

4) The oldest college is Peterhouse, which was founded in 1384, and the most recent is Robinson College, which was opened in 1977.

5) The most famous is probably King’s College, because of its magnificent chapel. Its choir of boys and undergraduates is also very well-known.

6) The University was exclusively for men until 1871 when the first women’s college was opened. Another was opened two years later and a third in 1954.

7) In the 1970s, most colleges opened their doors to both men and women .Now almost all colleges are mixed, but it will be many years before there are equal numbers of both sexes.

8 ) Every year, in summer, thousands of folk music fans arrive in Cambridge for one of the biggest festivals of folk music in England.

9) The festival is held in the grounds of an old house, where there is plenty of room for people to put up their tents if they want to stay overnight. The Cambridge Folk Music Festival is very well organized. Local shop-keepers look forward to it. For them, it means a big increase in the number of customers.

10) However, some people who live nearby are not very happy about the festival. They say that there is too much noise, too much rubbish is left on the ground and that many of the fans take drugs.

#1.(…) What is the best point to get a glimpse of Cambridge and its old and new colleges from?

#2. (…) What is the main cause for the high reputation of Cambridge all over the world?

#3. (…) Which constituent part of this university is possibly best known and why?

#4. (…) What was so extraordinary about this University up to the second half of the nineteenth century?

#5. (…) Who anticipates with pleasure the Cambridge Folk Music festival?

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