Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) Greece is ideally suited to a cycle-touring holiday.

2) There the roads are of good quality, with wide shoulders and little traffic in comparison with other countries.

3) The weather in spring is absolutely perfect for cycling, with lots of sunshine, little rain and comfortable temperature.

4) The scenery in Greece is spectacular, and there is no better way to enjoу it than by bike: golden sandy beaches, high sea cliffs, olive groves, green hillsides and snow-capped mountains.

5) The colourful wildflowers add to the already impressive landscape.

6) You will come across a lot of hills when travelling in Greece but keep in mind: the higher you go into the mountains, the better the view.

7) Aside from the natural scenery, there are ancient ruins and picturesque towns that add to the Greek experience.

8 ) The food in Greece is excellent, especially the creamy yoghurt, warm loaves of bread fresh from the oven and delicious desserts.

9) On a more practical note all the large towns have bike shops where repairs can be made in case it is necessary and spare parts can be bought.

10) Bikes can be easily transported on boats, trains and even coaches and buses.

#1. (…) What are the characteristic sights of the Greek landscape to be ; admired by all bike riders?

#2. (…) Are climatic conditions suitable for a cycle tour in Greece in any season of the year ?

#3. (…)What transport amenities are supplied for cyclists on a touring holiday?

#4. (…) What places of interest can be seen to enrich cyclists’ impressions of this spectacular country?

#5. (…) Is it advisable that tourists should cycle in mountainous areas here?

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