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l)The State Opening of Parliament is an annual event, usually held towards the end of October or early November or following a general election.

2) The Queen drives from Buckingham Palace in the Irish State Coach accompanied by a sovereign’s mounted escort, by way of the Mall to the House of Lords.

3) The Queen’s speech from the throne in the House of Lords traditionally sets the theme of the Government’s business for the session

4) It is interesting to note that the sovereign has not been admitted to the Hlouse of Commons for over three hundred years since King Charles I was refused entry.

5) Changing the Guard is another colourful ceremony which takes place most mornings m the courtyard of the House of Guards, in Whitehall and at Buckingham Palace the guard is changed by the Queen’s Guard

6) No ceremony is more popular than the ancient and mysterious ceremony of Trooping the Colour. This splendid event in honour of the Sovereign’s official Birthday is held annually on the first or second Saturday in June.

7) The route from Buckingham Palace to Horse Guards Parade, behind Whitehall, is decorated with banners and flags and lined with thousands of spectators.

8 ) They eagerly wait to see the queen, heading the procession, dressed on uniform and riding side-saddle on one of her favourite horses

9) The troops, in full dress uniforms, are from the Household Cavalry and the Guards Division which share the honour of providing a personal Bodyguard for the Sovereign on all state occasions

10) The sheer mass of dazzling colour, the music of the mounted bands he precision of marching are truly an experience, never to be forgotten

#1. (…)Has the Queen’s State Opening speech ever been delivered in the House of Commons?

#2. (…) What does the Sovereign’s address to Parliament outline?

#3. (….) Which annual ceremony honours the Queen’s officially appointed Birthday celebration?

#4. (…) How does the Queen ride heading the ceremony of Trooping the Colour?

#5. (…) What is the Queen’s route on the State Opening of Parliament Day?

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