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1) Westminster Abbey was founded by Edward the Confessor in 1065 on the site of the church which had been built 500 years earlier.

2) «The Abbey», as it is affectionately known to the English, but more properly called the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster, was mostly built in the thirteenth century during the reign of Henry HI.

3) When you enter it by the west door, your look is directed upwards to the vaulted ceiling, then along the great nave lit by the aisle and the windows above.

4) This is the place where all English monarchs have been crowned for over 600 years ( you can see the Coronation Chair here), and subsequently buried there.

5) Their magnificent tombs are surrounded by those of more common people — prime ministers, artists, physicians, poets, actors, soldiers and sailors, politicians.

6) Holding pride of place is the tomb of the Unknown Warrior, just inside the west door, commemorating the nation’s dead of all ranks, nearly a million, who perished in the First World War.

7) Among the famous people buried or commemorated here are such scientists as Sir Isaac Newton and Darwin, such Writers as Thackeray, Burns, Milton, Chaucer, Shakespeare and Dickens, and many others.

8 ) The Abbey’s founder is buried in the Chapel of Edward the Confessor where his time-worn tomb was for hundreds of years a place of pilgrimage.

9) The single most outstanding addition to the Abbey is Henry VII’s Chapel at the eastern end described as one of the wonders of the world.

10) The Coronation Chair is situated between the High Altar and the Chapel of Edward the Confessor. Made of oak, it contains the legendary Stone of Scone (Fortune) and has been used for every Coronation since 1308.

#1. (…) Where has the English Coronation Ceremony been held throughout the centuries?

#2. (…) Whose memory is nationally honoured in the Abbey?

#3. (…) There in the Abbey a visitor can see only the magnificent royal tombs, can’t he?

#4. (…) How is Edward the Confessor commemorated in the Abbey?

#5. (…)Why is the Coronation chair so famous and so symbolic in British history?

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