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1) St.Paul’s Cathedral, Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece, stands on a site occupied by several predecessors, the last of which perished in the Great Fire of London.

2) The building of the present Cathedral commenced in 1675 and the last stone was laid in 1710.

3) Considered by many authorities as one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in the world, its dome is only surpassed in size by St. Peter’s in Rome.

4) The inner side of the dome is decorated by paintings of Sir James Thornhill depicting the life of St.Paul.

5) Visitors are strongly recommended to make the ascent to the Whispering Gallery in order to experience the acoustic phenomena from which it gets its name.

6) The magnificent interior of the Cathedral contains many fine paintings, sculptures, monuments and works of art.

7) One object that miraculously survived the Great Fire is the statue of John Donne, the poet.

8 ) There are many other works of art, foremost of which are the original choir stalls, the fine iron work, the new High Altar based on Wren’s own design and the American Memorial Chapel behind the Altar.

9) There one can also see memorials to artists Turner, Reynolds, Van Dyck, Cobstable and Blake, to soldiers and generals and the mighty sarcophagus of the Duke of Wellington as well as that of Lord Nelson.

10) The remains of the master architect lie in the crypt with the surprisingly simple inscription in Latin «Si Monumentum requiris circumplice»(If you seek a memorial, look around you).

#1. (…) Which dome is larger and better decorated than that of St.Paul’s Cathedral in London?

#2. (…) Where was St.Paul’s erected?

#3. (…) What effect can be observed in the upper part of this cathedral?

#4. (…) What escaped the Great Fire of 1666 quite by chance?

#5. (…) Which saying designed by Sir Christopher Wren strikes a visitor there?

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