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1)1 was having a drink in my local pub the other day when to everybody’s amazement a pink and purple spotted kangaroo hopped through the door up to the bar and onto one of the stools.

2) The barman, who did his best not to show how astonished he was, came over and asked him what he wanted to drink.

3) The kangaroo put a twenty pound note down on the bar and said he would have a pint of beer.

4) The barman served him and the kangaroo began to drink his pint.

5) All the other customers stared in disbelief, quite at a loss for words

6) As soon as the kangaroo finished his pint, he asked the barman how much he owed him.

7) The barman was almost certain that the kangaroo had never been in a pub before and couldn’t possibly have any idea of the price of a pint of beer.

8 ) So he charged him twenty pounds and the kangaroo handed over the money and jumped down from the stool.

9) As he hopped towards the pub door, the barman who felt a bit guilty about overcharging him so much, called out to him: «See you again sometime! We don’t get many kangaroos drinking in this pub, you know.»

10) «I’m not surprised,» said the kangaroo, «considering that you charge twenty pounds for a pint.»

#1.(…) How did the barman react to the kangaroo turning up in the pub?

#2. (…) Why did the barman charge him so much?

#3. (…) Did the barman feel he had done wrong?

#4. (…) What did the kangaroo look like?

#5. (….) Was the kangaroo amazed hearing the price of a pint?

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