Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) When John and Tom were sixteen they spent a week climbing mountains in the Lake District.

2) One day, just as they reached the summit of a mountain called Great Gable, early in the afternoon, it began to rain. With the foolish enthusiasm of youth they decided to take a short cut back to the farm-house where they were staying.

3) It looked possible on the map, but there was no footpath.

4) After half an hour the clouds came down and reduced visibility to about two yards. It was impossible to go on, and they hid as best as they could under an overhanging rock.

5) Three hours later the clouds were as thick as ever and the young people were feeling cold, hungry and very miserable. Moreover, it was beginning to get dark.

6) Fortunately, they had told their landlady, Mrs. Merton, where they were going, and they hoped that if they were not back by nightfall she would raise the alarm and send a search party.

7) From time to time they shouted but there was no answer. Then, at last, the clouds rolled away, and they saw the lights of a search party, not below them, but above them.

8 ) The young men attracted their attention and three men came scrambling down towards them. Then they saw that the youngsters were nearly at the edge of a sheer drop. If they had gone on in the clouds, they would have been killed.

9) The young climbers were so cold and stiff that the men had to help them back to the top and then down to the farm- house.

10) After they got back to:the farm-house, Mrs.Merton was very glad to see them, but the young men made her promise not to tell anything their parents about their climbing experience.

#1. (…) Did the young men make up their minds to take a safe and long way back to the farm- house?

#2. (…) Where did they take shelter?

#3. (…) When did the youngsters realize the danger of their position and that of the search party on the whole?

#4. (…) Why did they need assistance on their way back?

#5. (…)The young climbers turned to Mrs.Merton with an interesting request, didn’t they?

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