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1) One day a big American car went up Winifred Street and stopped in front of a shabby looking cottage just off the main road.

2) It was indeed the finest vehicle, it seemed, that had ever moved about the moors of Scotland, and now that it came it was bound to cause a great commotion all over the town.

3) Presently a middle-aged gentleman got out of the car, paced across to the entrance gate, torn it open and made straight for the house.

4) At that very moment the door opened and an old Scotsman came into the garden. He wore a kilt and his grey hair waved in the air.

5) The gentleman made a dash over the flowerbed and found himself in front of the host.

6) «Daddy,» he whispered in a voice trembling with emotion. «Do you recognize me? I’m your son, Gordon».

7) «Remember, thirty years ago you sent me to Ferguson’s to get you a bottle of whisky?» «Yes, I do,» answered the old man.

8 ) «That’s when 1 ran to America,» continued the gentleman, who was no doubt delighted his father could remember him.

9) «I made my fortune there,» he went on. «Of course, I am respectably married and now I would like to introduce my wife and children to you,» he concluded, pointing to the car and the crowd of youngsters getting out of it.

10) «That’s all very well, son,» said the old Scotsman, «but where is my bottle of whisky?»

#1.(…) Why was the car sure to cause quite a sensation?

#2. (…) Was the host dressed according to the local traditions?

#3.(…) How long did the son live in the USA?

#4. (…) What news did the son tell his father to gladden his heart and prove his own prosperity?

#5. (…) What was the old man surprised at most of all?

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