Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) Mr. Jones liked to be comfortable, so when he got into the train, he always used one and the same technique. He used to put his suitcase on the seat beside him and pretend that it belonged to another passenger who had gone to buy something in the station.

2) One day he did the same thing when the train was very crowded. Other passengers came in and sat in all the other seats except the one where his suitcase was lying on.

3) Then an old gentleman arrived, looked at Mr. Jones’ case and said, «Is this somebody’s seat?’

4) «Yes,» answered Mr. Jones. » A friend of mine is travelling with me and he has gone to buy some cigarettes. He will come soon.»

5) Mr.Jones opened the window and looked out to make the old gentleman believe that he was anxious about his friend.

6) «All right,» said the old gentleman. «I’ll sit here until your friend comes back, and then I’ll stand somewhere.» He put his suitcase up above him and sat down.

7) Mr.Jones did not feel very happy about this, but he wasn’t able to do or say anything because all the other passengers were watching and listening attentively.

8 ) Several minutes passed, the whistle blew and the train began to move but nobody appeared.

9) Then suddenly the old gentleman jumped up and said, «I’m very sorry, but your friend seems to have missed the train. We don’t want him to be separated from his suitcase, do we? He wouldn’t like it at all.»

10) Before Mr.Jones was able to say or do anything to prevent him, the old gentleman took this suitcase and threw it out of the window which Mr.Jones had opened.

#1.(…) Why couldn’t the passengers take the vacant seat?

#2. (…) How did Mr.Jones try to prove his worry about his friend?

#3. (…) Was it possible to change the course of events in that situation with people looking at him?

#4. (…) Was the old gentleman a very clever and witty person to imagine Mr.Jones’ friend’s gloomy mood?

#5. (…) What habit was very characteristic of Mr.Jones in the past?

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