Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) Miss Robinson had been taking driving lessons and trying to pass her driving test for several years, but in vain.

2) She had failed every time because she always became too excited and embarrassed and did silly things when she was driving a car.

3) One day she was taking her test again, but she made so many silly mistakes that she was sure she had no chance of passing the test.

4) She was very surprised when the examiner nodded at the end of her test and said, «All right, Miss Robinson, I’m going to pass you.»

5) The next morning she went out in her car alone for the first time; her face was red and her hands were sweating.

6) She could hardly believe that it was no longer necessary for her to have a good driver with her in the car whenever she went out in it.

7) She came to the first street lights and was very glad when she managed to stop the car quite smoothly and at the right place. She did not want to look foolish in front of other drivers in the street.

8 ) While she was waiting for the lights to change from red to green, an old lady came up to the window, and when Miss Robinson opened it again and looked out, the lady asked her if she was going into the town.

9) «Yes, » Miss Robinson answered. «I’m going to the Public Library.» «Will you please take me as far as the market place?» the old lady asked. «I have an appointment at the hospital, and there isn’t a bus for another hour.»

10) Miss Robinson surprised the old lady enormously by answering, «I’m very sorry, but 1 can’t drive.»

#1.(…) Why did Miss Robinson think that she would fail her test again?

#2. (…) Was she a bit excited when she went out in her car alone without any experienced driver?

#3. (…) Why was the other woman in a great hurry?

#4. (…) Did she really understand that she had passed her test to drive independently?

#5. (…) The old lady was asking for her driver’s licence at first, wasn’t she?

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