Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) A few minutes after eight o’clock on the night of Sunday October,30, 1938, a tragic voice interrupted a radio broadcast to warn Americans, «Ladies and gentlemen, I have a grave announcement to make…»

2) The words that followed in a programme network across the USA, caused remarkable scenes of panic.

3) The announcement was that the Martians had landed in North America and were moving across the country at great speed.

4) Nothing seemed able to stop them and all resistance was useless.

5) The USA was taken over by aliens from outer space.

6) The announcement was in fact part of a radio play «War of the Worlds» by H.G. Wells but one so realistic that most people who heard it took it for the real thing.

7) One of the actors of Orson Welles’ «Mercury Theatre of the Air» pretended to be the President of the United States and warned the American People against the dangers of panic.

8 ) Despite this there were terrible scenes of panic in New Jersey that evening when people tried to leave and the roads were filled with cars racing for the hills.

9) After it was all over, Orson Welles, already a well-known actor at the age of 24, was criticised for throwing half the USA into terror.

10) Dozens of people took legal action against CBS, but in the end CBS bosses congratulated themselves for having hired the most talked about actor in America.

#1. (…)Why was the radio announcement taken so close to heart by the American people?

#2. (…) Did the people follow the President’s warning words?

#3. (…) After this broadcast the actor was highly praised for the remarkable scenes that threw America into panic, wasn’t he?

#4. (…)Who was the most pleased party in the end despite people’s indignation?

#5. (…) What were Americans struck by in the text about invasion one evening?

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