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1) The Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne, who all wrote famous and lasting novels, lived in their parsonage home on the Yorkshire moors in the first half of the I9th century.

2) As young children they gave themselves a training for their craft of novel writing. They composed long histories of imaginary countries in which they described the stormy lives of kings, dukes and princesses, filled with accounts of battles and palace intrigues. Their brother Branwell joined them in making up fantasies. With Charlotte he invented the imaginary kingdom of Angria, when he was 10 and she was 11.

3) These stories were written in tiny booklets, stitched together and covered with sugar bag paper.

4) Over 100 of them still exist, having been discovered long after all four were dead.

5) When the three Bronte sisters grew up, they were quite poor and worked as governesses to earn their bread.

6) When Charlotte was 26, and Emily 24, the two sisters attended a boarding school in Brussels, hoping eventually to open their own school in Yorkshire.

7) The school idea came to nothing and the three sisters returned home to the parsonage. Sacked from his job as a tutor, Branwell returned too and rapidly deteriorated through drink.

8 ) At this time, with incredible courage, the three girls began to write novels. «Wuthering Heights» by Emily, «Agnes Grey» by Anne and «Jane Eyre» by Charlotte, were published.

9) More novels followed, but a time of terrible tragedy followed, with Branwell, Emily and Anne all dying in quick succession. Charlotte lived on and married. But she, too, died young.

10) Today millions enjoy the novels of the brilliant but modest sisters. «Wuthering Heights» is recognised as a work of genius and Charlotte’s novels have proved successful in film and television adaptations.

#1. (…) Can a modern reader get acquainted with the Brontes’ first creative writings?

#2. (…)What high hopes did the sisters cherish in their youth while schooling?

#3. (…) Why did their brother come home?

#4. (…) Whose novels have turned out to be most successful for screening?

#5. (…) What part of Britain did they come from?

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