Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) When the boy was ten years old, one of his cousins gave him a misroscope.

2) The first time he looked through its magic lens, the clouds that surrounded his daily life rolled away.

3) He saw a universe of tiny living creatures in a drop of water. Day by day, night after night he studied life under his microscope.

4) The boy learned to speak to Nature in language his family and friends could not understand while he could explore Life’s most secret rooms.

5) He felt as if he had discovered another Garden of Eden. Although the boy didn’t tell anyone about his secret world, he decided to spend his life studying the microscope.

6) His parents had other plans for their son. When he was nearly twenty years old, they insisted that he should learn a profession- even though their family were rich and he didn’t have to work at all.

7) The young man decided to study medicine in New-York. This city was far away from his family, so he could spend time as he pleased.

8 ) As long as he paid his medical school fees every year, his family would never know he wasn’t attending any classes.

9) In New-York he would be able to buy excellent microscopes and meet scientists from all over the world.

10) The young man would have plenty of money and plenty of time to spend on his dream. So he left home with high hopes.

#1.(…) What event influenced the whole boy’s life?

#2. (…) Did he make up his mind to take up business in New-York?

#3. (…) The boy shared his secret knowledge with everyone, didn’t he?

#4. (…) Would it be possible for his parents to learn the truth about his student life?

#5. (…) What kind of expectations did he cherish on leaving his native place?

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