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1) The study and forecasting of weather is called meteorology because it was once precisely that — the study of meteors.

2) The idea that meteors were formed in the sky from various combinations of earth, water, air and fire and that they contributed to weather conditions, goes back to the great philosopher and scientist, Aristotle, in the 4-th century BC.

3) It was believed so in Europe until late in the 17-th century.

4) In AD 582, it rained «blood» on Paris, and the terrified local people saw this as a sign from Heaven and responded by repenting their sins and wrong deeds.

5) The true cause of the strange event was the «sirocco», the wind that sometimes blows from the Sahara across the Mediterranean into Europe.

6) It carries a fine, red dust from the desert, and this caused the rain that fell on Paris.

7) In ancient times it was believed that the Earth lay on the back of a giant tortoise, and when it shuffled its feet the Earth would quake.

8 ) One ancient Japanese legend held that the movement of a vast underground caused earthquakes.

9) A later account said it was a monster catfish.

10) The ancient Greeks blamed huge giants wrestling underground.

#1.(…) What were the people’s first beliefs concerning weather and meteors?

#2. (…)How did the people of the East explain earthquakes in their folklore at first?

#3. (…) Why were the people frightened at seeing unusual rains?

#4. (…) What air current was the real reason for the scarlet or red rain?

#5. (…) What does meteorology derive its name from?

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