Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) Madame Tussaud’s is London’s famous highly visited tourist attraction, with over two and a half million visitors a year.

2) There are over 400 models on display, each one worth 20000 pounds, so security is tight.

3) However, visitors can’t resist picking up souvenirs and someone even went off with Marie Antoinette’s head.

4) Making the wax models is a highly skilled and lengthy process, for it takes months of work for the artists and craftsmen, who combine to produce the final figure.

5) All the waxworks are life-size replicas of the real person, down to the last detail.

6) Stuart Williamson, a sculptor here for fifteen years, says, «either they come to the museum or we go to them. We went to Buckingham Palace to do the Royal Family and the Netherland Ranch for Jackson».

7) «They sit on a turntable where they are measured and photographed from every angle possible,» he adds.

8 ) Clothes for the models are often chosen by the famous themselves, sometimes clothes are given to the museum.

9) The most nerve-racking part of the job can be when the real person meets his or her wax double.

10) The public’s fascination with the fame and fortune means Madame Tussaud’s will continue to be a popular venue for many years to come.

#1.(…) What is meant by waxworks?

#2. (…) Why is Madame Tussaud’s always going to be a cherished place of interest?

#3. (…)A wax model making never takes a long time to produce a masterpiece, does it?

#4. (…) In general, models are inexpensive and no special measures are taken to protect them, are they?

#5, (…) Which moment is the most tricky in this work for all artists and craftsmen?

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