Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) When the early settlers, especially the English, arrived in the New World, the hardships and dangers awaiting them were totally unexpected.

2) Had it not been for some friendly Indians, the colonists would never have survived the terrible winters.

3) The cold, famine, illnesses and diseases were all equally dangerous.

4) The first settlers knew nothing about planting crops, hunting animals, building houses, or making clothing from animal skins.

5) Life in England had been much simpler, and this new life was not like what the Spanish explorers had reported.

6) The settlers introduced iron tools, muskets for hunting, domesticated animals and political ways to the Indians.

7) In exchange, the settlers learned to build canoes for water transportation and snowshoes and toboggans for winter travelling.

8 ) The Indians also taught them to blaze trails through the forest, to hunt large animals and trap smaller ones, and to spear fish in the lakes and streams.

9) The natives also introduced to the settlers typical foods, such as turkey, corn, beans and pumpkin.

10) Everything possible was done in order to make their new settlement resemble the homes they had left behind.

#1.(…) Who misinformed the English?

#2. (…) The first settlers did not expect any difficulties, did they?

#3. (…) What did the newcomers have to know?

#4. (…) Did the settlers learn a lot from Indians about hunting and fishing?

#5. (…) What was unknown for all friendly Indians?

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