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1) Charles Ives is now acclaimed as the first great American composer of the twentieth century.

2) He had to wait many years for the recognition he deserved.

3) The son of the bandmaster, Ives entered Yale at twenty to study composition with Horatio Parker, but after graduation, he did not choose to pursue a career in music.

4) He suspected correctly that the public would not accept the music he wrote.

5) Even the few conductors and performers he tried to interest in his compositions felt that they were unpayable.

6) Instead, he became a successful insurance worker, turning his company into the largest agency in the country.

7) Even during that busy time, he still dedicated himself to composing music in the evenings, on weekends and during vacations.

8 ) Although he occasionally hired musicians to play one of his works privately for him, he usually heard his music only in his imagination.

9) After he recovered from a serious heart attack, he became reconciled to the fact that his ideas, especially the use of dissonance and special effects, were just too different for the musical mainstream.

10) Determined to share his music with the few people who might appreciate it, he published his work privately and distributed it free.

#1.(…) Was Charles Ives’ music similar or different from the music of the time?

#2. (…) How did he make his living?

#3. (…) What did he do to share his music with at least some music lovers?

#4. (…) Was his suspicion right?

#5. (…) The world fame and understanding were quick to come to the first great American composer of the twentieth century, weren’t they?

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