Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. The ultimate goal of most extremely experienced skiers is to win the World Ski Championship. (…)

1) first idea; 2) definite scheme; 3) worked out plan; 4) clear image; 5) final aim.

#2. Robert’s new book will see the light in August at the latest. (…)

l)be written; 2) be checked; 3) be typed; 4) be published; 5) be printed.

#3. Nancy broke his heart when she rejected Tom’s proposal of marriage. (…)

l)had her way; 2) held her head high; 3) gave in; 4) made him unhappy; 5) went too far.

#4. We must take into account his educational background when deciding what work to give him. (…)

1) see; 2) consider; 3) count; 4) encounter; 5) grasp.

#5. It is said that every life has its roses and thorns. (…)

1) bright sides; 2) dark sides; 3) pleasant and difficult times; 4) all ins and outs; 5) usual risks.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Whether TV is a good thing or not is a matter of opinion; it has both pros and cons. .(…)

1) under discussion; 2) a mistake; 3) a one-sided argument; 4) an issue for discussion; 5) a matter of fact.

#2. I would rather listen to Mozart than rock music. (…)

1) I like listening to Mozart and rock music; 2) I prefer music to rock climbing; 3) I prefer Mozart’s music to rock music; 4) I don’t like Mozart as much as I like rock music; 5) I like Mozart, but not so much as rock music.

#3. The boy didn’t feel quite at home in such a splendid house with so many strangers in it. (…)

1) wasn’t at home; 2) was out; 3) wanted to leave home; 4) wasn’t at ease; 5) wanted to come home.

#4. Most people would rather take up a sport that involves little or no risk at all. (…)

1) be fond of; 2) go in for; 3) dislike; 4) hate; 5) refuse.

#5. «Are you doing any business?» — «Very little. It’s hardly enough to keep body and soul together. (…)

l)to make a decent living; 2) to keep a good house; 3) to go abroad; 4) to keep fit; 5) to be in good shape.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. We can’t rely on your car, it keeps breaking down. (…)

1) believe; 2) forget; 3) damage; 4) trust; 5) expect.

#2. You may find some difficulties at first, but you’ll find it easier as you proceed. (…)

1) go through; 2) come across; 3) go ahead; 4) come along; 5) go over again.

#3.I had believed that he would attend to his work in earnest. (…)

l)make a visit; 2) come to it; 3) pay a visit; 4) give care and thought to work; 5) be careful.

#4. There’s no use crying over spilt milk. (…)

1) It’s not useful; 2) It’s sensible to do it; 3) It’s to the point; 4) It’s wise; 5) There’s no sense.

#5. His speech was very impressive for he had all the facts and figures at his finger tips. (…)

1) was unable to give the facts; 2) was able to use all the facts without difficulties; 3) had difficulty using some facts; 4) had some difficulties using the facts; 5) failed to use all the facts.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. It goes without saving that if you work hard you are sure to pass this exam. (…)

1) It’s illogical; 2) It stands to reason; 3) It’s up to the point; 4) It’s time; 5) It’s high time.

#2. When the lesson began, there were a dozen students in the classroom, but by the end of the lesson the number doubled. (…)

1) After the lesson had begun, some students entered the classroom; 2) There were three dozen students in the room by the end of the lesson; 3) There were 24 students in the classroom by the end of the lesson; 4) There were 36 students in the classroom by the end of the lesson; 5) There were only a few students in the classroom and two came later.

#3. Before long things took a turn for the better. (…)

1) Sooner or later; 2) Soon; 3) Of late; 4) Recently; 5) Lately.

#4. Susan is unlikely to pass all her exams. (…)

1) It is doubtful whether Susan will; 2) It is highly likely that . Susan; 3) Susan is bound to; 4) Susan is about to; 5).Susan is next to

#5. Seriously or not I’m all for the truth coming out as soon as possible. (…)

1) strongly against; 2) strongly in favour of; 3) indifferent about; 4) depressed about; 5) surprised at.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. In the hotel lobby the detective caught sight of the man he had to follow everywhere. (…)

1) glanced; 2) went to see the sights; 3) suddenly noticed; 4) gave a glimpse; 5) threw a glance.

#2. What steps are to be taken when the epidemic breaks out? (…)

1) stairs; 2) measures; 3) means; 4) warnings; 5) features.

#3. It’s no good trying to talk and persuade him, because he will never really listen to you attentively. (…)

1) useless; 2) harmful; 3) bad; 4) unnecessary; 5) impossible.

#4. It’s a waste of time trying to read this boring book to the very end. (…)

1) It is useful; 2) It is not harmful; 3) It is of great use; 4) It is worthy; 5) It is not worth.

#5.There’s no need to take a taxi. He lives at hand. (…)

1) out of sight; 2) by degrees: 3) out of reach; 4) within reach; 5) at a distance.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. The news was so unexpected that I was taken aback, believe me. (…)

1) frightened; 2) sure; 3) attentive; 4) surprised; 5) lonely.

#2. The man stole the museum pictures while a large crowd watched instead of doing something. (…)

1) looked up; 2) looked out; 3) looked about; 4) looked on; 5) looked down.

#3. The two brothers were so much alike I couldn’t tell the difference between them. (…)

1) distinguish; 2) distinct; 3)to see the similarity; 4) to spot any likeness; 5) proclaim identity.

#4. W.S. Maugham, an outstanding British writer, was brought up by his uncle as both his parents had died. (…)

l)was risen; 2) was raised; 3) was kept; 4) was given attention: 5) was put up.

#5. Failing an exam after so much hard work was a bitter pill to swallow. (…)

1) a necessary medicine; 2) a doubtful piece of advice; 3) a taken measure; 4) a difficult fact to accept; 5) a harmful mixture.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. These up -to- date goods are in great demand now. (…)

1) are needed; 2) are in use; 3) are in power; 4) are in value; 5) are in fashion.

#2. You are shivering with cold, move your chair to the fireplace. (…)

1) shuddering; 2) starting; 3) trembling; 4) shrugging; 5) suffering.

#3. Lucy was unable to think of anything else and was angry with herself because she couldn’t put Tom out of her mind. (…)

l)stop thinking about Tom; 2) forget to Tom; 3) forbid Tom 4) blame Tom; 5) find Tom guilty.

#4. Carry on with your work for there is no time to waste. (…)

l)Go on working; 2) Bring to conclusion; 3) Go and fetch; 4) Fetch quickly; 5) Give a lift.

#5. Soames said nothing to her, he simply kept an eye on her all the time. (…)

1) looked affectionately at; 2) caught sight of; 3) watched closely; 4) was in sight of; 5) was off his guard.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Jane studied her reflection in the mirror with amazement. (…)

1)determination; 2) reputation; 3) image; 4) deficiency; 5) attraction.

#2.One particular superstition shared by many people all over the world is he belief that number 13 is an unlucky number. (…)

1) advised precaution; 2) old fashioned belief; 3) true idea; 4) accepted notion; 5) worked out image.

#3 To tell you the truth, we are not confident of success. (…)

1) aware; 2) conscious; 3) sure; 4) in the know; 5) unaware.

#4. Beatrice thinks it is beneath her dignity to socialise with uneducated people.(…)

1) it below criticism 2) herself inferior; 3) herself superior; 4) it underneath the surface; 5) herself under observation.

#5 Will you do me a favour?. (…)

1) turn a hand at me;T) give me a lift; 3) make a good deal; 4) do a service for me; 5) render support to me.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1 What’s the matter, son? You see, we both lost our tempers. Let’s make up

l)saw eye to eye; 2) agreed to differ; 3)were impatient; 4) got angry and quarrelled; 5) were considerate to listen attentively.

#2. This photo is very dear to me. It brings back the time spent with the people who helped me so kindly and generously. (…)

1) calls for; 2) reminds me of; 3) stands for; 4) recognizes; 5) remembers me to.

#3. The meeting was put off. (…)

1) put away; 2) given away; 3) discovered; 4) postponed; 5) finished.

#4.1 brightened up a bit. As Poirot put it, things didn’t sound so bad. (…)

1) laid; 2) lay down; 3) requested; 4) stated; 5) confirmed.

#5. Nowadays people do not like traveling on foot. (…)

1) by feet; 2) by walking; 3) alone; 4) with their feet; 5) on their legs.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. The teacher pointed out all his mistakes to John. (…)

1) showed all his mistakes; 2) corrected all his mistakes; 3) read all his mistakes; 4) directed attention to all his mistakes; 5) explained all his mistakes.

#2. Please, hand in your papers at the end of the exam. (…)

1) collect; 2) distribute; 3) turn in; 4) sign; 5) leave.

#3. Hold on a minute, I’ll see if Mr. Brown is in his office. (…)

1) wait; 2) keep; 3) stop; 4) expect; 5) keep on.

#4. My brother will call at the travel agency to collect our tickets on his way home. (…)

1) consult seriously; 2) visit briefly; 3) give a ring; 4) ask for a return; 5) cancel.

#5. Ann was determined to get everything her way and was calmly certain she would get it. (…)

1) get out of the way; 2) stand in the way; 3) do as she wished; 4) throw caution to the wind; 5) go too far away.

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