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It Was the Ghost of a Man…

It was the ghost of a man who (1) in the room at the top of the house because he had a terrible illness — he was a leper. Anyway, the people of the town made the man (2) in the little room. They kept him there and they didn’t let him see his wife or children. He had to stay there for four years. He got worse, and knocked and knocked on the door to make somebody hear htm. (3), they let him leave the room. They told him they (4) him to go to see his family again. But when he got into the street he didn’t see his family. He saw all the town’s people with stones in their hands. They stoned the poor man (5) death. No wonder his ghost was unhappy.

#1. 1) locked; 2) was locked; 3) locks; 4) had locked.

#2. 1) to live; 2) lives; 3) lived; 4) live.

#3. 1) at last; 2) last; 3) in last; 4) at least.

#4. 1) will allow ; 2) allow; 3) would allow; 4) will be allowed.

#5. 1) after; 2) into; 3) up; 4) to.

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Mrs. Richards As a Ghost…

After her husband (1) to work, Mrs. Richards sent her children to school and went upstairs to her bedroom. She was (2) excited to do any housework that morning, for in the evening she was going to a fancy dress party with her husband. She intended to dress up as a ghost and as she had made her costume the night before, she was impatient to (3) it on. Though the costume consisted only of a sheet, it was very effective. After putting it on, Mn,. Richards went downstairs to find out (4) the costume would be comfortable to wear. Suddenly Mrs. Richards heard a knock on the front door. She thought іt (5) be the baker. She asked him to come in, and not wanting to frighten the man, hid in the storeroom. First she heard the front door open. Then there were footsteps in the hall and then… The man entered, and before Mrs. Richards could explain anything, he let out a cry and jumped back several paces.

#1. 1) has gone; 2) gone; 3) was going; 4) had gone.

#2. 1) also; 2) too; 3) very; 4) even.

#3.1) switch; 2) try; 3) get; 4) give.

#4. 1) weather; 2) whether; 3) that; 4) what.

#5.1) might; 2) can; 3) ought to; 4) should.

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Crashland in a Field

All 129 passengers and crew survived yesterday, when a McDonnell Douglas DC-9 crash -landed in a field after both engines failed two minutes after the flight from Stockholm had begun. Nearly all those (1) the airliner, which was bound for Warsaw via Copenhagen, walked from the wreck. Seven were seriously injured, and nine slightly hurt. The aircraft hit trees before crashing and breaking into three pieces without (2) fire. The wings were torn off. Airline officials said the pilot, Captain Stefan Rasmussen, had had (3) one minute to find a place to land. Captain Rasmussen, 44, who appeared (4) a news conference wearing a medical collar, said, «There is perhaps only one flight captain in a million who gets to show what he can do in such a situation. I am satisfied with the results.» He (5), «I am grateful to my crew and the whole organization which enabled me to succeed.»

# 1. 1) abroad; 2) on the board of; 3) broad; 4) aboard.

#2.1) catching; 2) murdering; 3) rising; 4) driving.

#3.1) while; 2) only; 3) additionally; 4) occasionally.

#4. 1) while; 2) into; 3) at; 4) to.

#5. 1) supposed; 2) talked; 3) added; 4) expressed.

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The Train Not Stopping at Platform One

British Rail passengers from London to Oxford had (1) tour via Swindow after train driver forgot to stop at Didcot. People getting ready to change for a connecting train to Oxford on Saturday evening heard the guard (2) Didcot on the train intercom, but only saw the station flash (3). The 30 Oxford-bound passengers reached journey’s end 45 minutes late, after getting a train back from Swindon to Didcot to catch (4) local train home. The passengers were offered (5) explanation or apology for what happened. A British Railspokeman said that the driver had simply forgotten to stop at Didcot. «It’s an error which is regretted», he said.

#1. 1) a scheduled; 2) an unscheduled; 3) proposed; 4) the long awaited.

#2. 1) declare; 2) announce; 3) claim; 4) exclaim.

#3. 1) past them; 2) behind it; 3) past it; 4) passed to.

#4. 1) various; 2) the other; 3) differently; 4) another.

#5.1) rudely; 2) nothing; 3 ) no; 4) any.

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April Fools’ Joke

A few years ago (1) was a very unclear photograph of a man on the front page of «The Guardian» newspaper. The article said that it was the first picture ever taken and that it was (2) seventy or more years older than any other photo in the world. Somebody in Japan discovered it hidden in a cave where it had been untouched for over centuries. Apparently an unknown Japanese scientist ha.d invented special technique for making photographic negatives before anybody in Europe. A special exhibition was arranged just for one day for the public to view it in London. The reason for short viewing was because the negative was so old and (3) in the light for very long. When people went there, there was nothing to see. The article had been written (4) of April, which is April Fools’ Day, the day when people play (5) their friends.

#1. 1) it; 2) there; 3) their; 4)-

#2. 1) at least; 2) at the least; 3) at last; 4) last.

#3. 1) could be; 2) could not be; 3) could; 4) be.

#4. 1) in the first; 2) since the first; 3) at the first; 4) on the first.

#5.1) in jokes; 2) jokes on; 3) with jokes about; 4) jokes in.

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Smuggling Trucks

Sam Levis was a customs officer. He worked in a small border town. It wasn’t a busy town and there wasn’t much work. The road was usually very quiet and ?1} many travellers. It wasn’t a very interesting job, but Sam liked an easy life. About once (2). he used to meet an old man. His name was Draper. He always arrived (3) the border in a big truck. The truck was always empty. Sam searched the truck but never (4) anything. Once he asked Draper about his job. Draper laughed and said, «I’m a smuggler.» (5) year Sam retired and went on holiday to Bermuda where one day in a luxury hotel he met Draper. He asked Draper what he had smuggled. The answer was… «Trucks!»

#1.1) there wasn’t; 2) were; 3) there weren’t; 4) was.

#2. 1) in a week; 2) a week; 3) in week; 4) on a week.

#3.1) at; 2) to; 3) on; 4) towards.

#4. 1) founded; 2) find; 3) didn’t find; 4) found.

#5. 1) latest; 2) in last; 3) lastly; 4) last.

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Beatrice and the Nightingale

One warm night in 1924, the cellist Beatrice Harrison went out to play her cello in the woods behind her cottage. To her surprise, she heard a bird echoing her playing. The sound was incredibly beautiful, and she knew it could only be a nightingale. The next night and nearly every night after that, the nightingale was the-re again. Beatrice (1) believe what was happening: she was playing duets with (2). Beatrice persuaded the BBC to set up their microphones in her garden. With technology of the time, this was (3). But the sound engineers made careful preparation, and everything was ready. For a long time it seemed as if the nightingale (4). Beatrice played for two hours with no reaction. But suddenly, to everybody’s (5), the wonderful notes began to fill the night… The record of the duet of Beatrice and the Nightingale became one of the most successful records sold in the 1930s.

#1.1) couldn’t hardly; 2) could easy; 3) could hardly; 4) tried hard to

#2. 1) so wild bird; 2) a wild bird; 3) such a wild bird; 4) a bird wildly

#3. 1) no easy task; 2) not easy task; 3) easy task; 4) an easy task

#4. 1) was going to come; 2) was not going to come; 3) was not going; 4) went

#5. 1) success; 2) trial; 3) fame; 4) relief.

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What Happened While the Train Was in the Tunnel?

In the compartment of a train travelling through the countryside, there were four people — a young girl, an old lady, an army officer and a young cockney. Suddenly the train went into a tunnel: for half a minute (1) was in complete darkness, and in the darkness came the sound of a large kiss (2) almost immediately by a loud slap. When the train emerged and it was light again, everybody saw the officer with a bleeding nose and a swollen eye. The old lady thought that the young girl hit the officer (3) stealing a kiss. The young girl thought it was strange that the officer kissed the old lady and not her. The poor officer thought that the cockney kissed the girl and the girl hit him. And the cockney laughed silently at the trick he (4). «I’m a clever chap,» he thought (5). «I kissed the back of my hand, hit the officer in the face and nobody said the word.»

#1. 1) the trolley; 2) the truck; 3) the carriage; 4) the locomotive.

#2. 1) preceded; 2) following; 3) preceding; 4) followed.

#3. 1) because; 2) in spite of; 3) for; 4) to.

#4. 1) had smiled; 2) was playing; 3) got; 4) had played.

#5.1) oneself; 2) to himself; 3) got; 4) to him.

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Happy (1) For the Kidnapped Girl

Mr. and Mrs. Peters were especially happy when they celebrated their daughter Marian’s first birthday at a restaurant at the Strand yesterday. Marian was kidnapped last July by Alice McBurg, 31, who had been (2} to take care of her as a child-minder. Mrs. Peters had left Marian with McBurg on the first day of her return to work at a bank in London. Marian was taken to McBurg’s home in Wales, (3) police found her, unharmed, three days later. Mrs. Peters said yesterday, «At the (4) times in those three days it seemed we would never see her again.» She also said she had no thought now of going back to work. She just couldn’t leave Marian with anybody else. She loved looking (5) her.

#1. 1) review; 2) Renaissance; 3) returns; 4) recall.

#2. 1) given; 2) paid; 3) tried; 4) stolen.

#3. 1) where; 2) as soon as; 3) until; 4) consequently.

#4. 1) first; 2) worst; 3) happiest; 4) tragedy.

#5.1) for; 2) on; 3) of; 4) after.

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Casablanca, the Best Loved of All Motion Pictures

This is the summary of the film «Casablanca», probably the best-love ! of all motion pictures. In 1941 Casablanca was the last stage for refugees hoping to escape from the Nazis via Lisbon to the United States, which had not yet ?1} World War II. Rick, an American adventurer, ran (2) and claimed to be neutral. In Paris, before the Nazi occupation, he was in love with Lisa, the widow (as she thought) of a resistance leader, but she left him (as he thought) when they were going to escape. (3), she received news that her husband was alive and reappeared with him in Casablanca. Rick, who was (4) in love with Lisa, helped her and her husband to go to the United States, which required the help of the corrupt prefect of the police. In the final scene at the airport, Rick shot Major Strasse, who came to prevent Lisa and her husband from (5) the plane. They left and the prefect of the police changed sides and went to the headquarters of the Free French with Rick, who decided to take part in the war.

#1. 1) taken; 2) joined to; 3) entered; 4) fought.

#2. 1) a cafe; 2) the war; 3) the battle; 4) a trick.

#3.1) final; 2) as a fact; 3) in final; 4) in fact.

#4. 1) until; 2) still; 3) yet; 4) last.

#5.1) flying; 2) catching; 3) enjoying; 4) throwing.

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